BESD53 Chromebook Handouts This Week

BESD53 Families,

As we work together during these uncertain times, we greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility as things change on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. When this outbreak first started, we worked on trying to supply at least one Chromebook per family. As the shelter in place has taken effect, and will possibly be extended, we are trying to make more Chromebooks available.

We are asking that parents of Liberty or BUGC students contact their building directly if they did not take their Chromebook home originally and now need one. For Kindergarten through 4th grade, we are having Chromebook Handouts at BUGC at the following times:

  • Monday, March 30 from 3-6 PM

  • Tuesday, March 31 from 3-6 PM

  • Wednesday, April 1 from 8-11 AM and 5-7 PM

  • Thursday, April 2 from 8-11 AM and 5-7 PM

If you have enough home devices for your students to do their work on, we ask that you do not pick up Chromebooks, since we do have a limited number. However, if you are having difficulty with your students getting their work completed due to insufficient devices, please come to get a Chromebook(s). 


If something happens to the Chromebook(s) while they are checked out to your family, you will be responsible if it was caused by negligent damage (i.e. dropped, liquid spilled on it, etc.). However, for any Chromebook that needs to be repaired, we will have a dropbox setup in the lobby of BUGC each Monday from 8 AM to 4 PM. Please bring the Chromebook, complete the form by the dropbox, put the form in the Chromebook, and put the Chromebook into one of the slots on the dropbox. We will then work with our repair company to get them repaired as quickly as possible. During the time the Chromebook is being repaired, you will need to have your student(s) work off of the paper packets provided by the schools as WE WILL NOT BE ISSUING A REPLACEMENT CHROMEBOOK. Also, we do NOT have spare chargers for the Chromebooks, so if the charger is damaged, your student(s) will need to do paper packets.

Thank you again for your patience! This is a learning experience for us all!

BESD53 Technology