Campbell Soup Labels

Shabbona Elementary collects the points that are on Campbell's Soup Labels (and many other products). We use these points to order playground equipment and additional school supplies. Students will deposit their soup labels in the containers provided in their classroom. Please Note: Campbell's no longer accepts "label fronts." For information about how to clip and save labels, a list of eligible products, and recipes, please got go their website.
Labels for Education

box top label

General Mills Box Tops

Shabbona Elementary will receive $0.10 (ten cents) for each General Mills box top we collect. Watch local grocery stores for additional promotions for extra points. Collection container are located each classroom. For more information, visit the website. Box Tops 4 Education

Printer Cartridges  

We collect used printer cartridges. Students may bring these items to the Learning Center. Please do not send laser printer cartridges.