In the Library, students listen to stories, discuss genres, have fun with literature, and learn how to use the library. Students also have the opportunity to check out a library book for one week. The books may be renewed for another week. We do not charge fines, but a note regarding fees for lost and/or damaged books will be sent home.

During Computer Lab children work at individual computers. During the year the children will learn how to use software programs such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PhotoStory3. Students will also use World Book Online to research information. At the beginning of the school year, third and fourth grade students will have several keyboarding lessons to help them learn "Home Row" and locate the letters on the keyboard. These students will have individualized typing program monitored by the classroom teacher. Internet safety will also be addressed.

Some lessons require that the students use previewed websites. All students must have a signed internet agreement on file in order to use the online card catalog and to use the designated Internet sites. Students are not allowed to "surf the net."