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LeVasseur 1st Grade Site
Shabbona Days 16-24
Mrs. Skutt's new email address: Mrs.SkuttClass@besd53.org
Second Grade Assignments
2nd Grade Packet that was sent home for Assignments
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LeVasseur 2nd Grade Material April 6th-May 1st
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Mr. Horrell's Class-Google Classroom Code for material ijr6kza

Ms. Eck's Remote Learning Slides 4/1-4/8
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Google Classroom Code for material ijr6kza
6th Grade Material for Assignments
5th and 6th PE log
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8th Grade Packet that was sent for Assignments
8th Grade Science Day 6-10
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8th Grade Math Day 6-11
8th Grade Accelerated Math Day 6-11
8th Grade ELA Day 5-11
8th Grade Social Studies Week 2
7th and 8th Grade PE7th and 8th Grade Spanish7th and 8th Grade Fab Lab
Art Fun #1Fun Art #2