BESD53 is happy to share information from non-profit community groups and other organizations. The district Superintendent's office will review and approve all distribution requests. All materials approved for distribution will be posted to the district’s online “Virtual Backpack” system.

This system saves resources, time, money and labor for everyone involved in this process. Paper copies of approved materials will not be distributed in BESD53 schools.

Pursuant to BESD53 Board of Education Policy 8:025:

Permission will be denied to post or distribute any material that would: disrupt the educational process; violate the rights of others, including material that is defamatory; invade the privacy of others; infringe on a copyright; or be obscene, vulgar, or indecent.

No commercial publications shall be posted or distributed unless their purpose is to foster children’s health, welfare or education. The Superintendent may approve school staff’s distribution of coupons related to Incentive programs that support classroom activities. No information from candidates for non-students’ elective office shall be posted in the school, except on Election Day, or distributed to students.

Materials, such as pamphlets, cards, printed publications and recordings submitted by outside agencies, shall not be distributed to pupils, teachers or homes unless such distribution has been authorized by the Superintendent.

The superintendent may offer to provide outside agencies with 4.25”x 5.5” advertising space in the District’s monthly newsletter at the cost of production and distribution. The Superintendent may also offer to electronically distribute approved information in PDF format that has been delivered to the superintendent’s office.

The school system's participation with the private sector does not constitute commercial endorsement in regard to any goods or services.


It’s easy to post materials to the BESD53 Virtual Backpack.

Simply send an email to Lisa Leppert at leppertl@besd53.org with the following information: 

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Organization Name
  • Publish From Date
  • Publish To Date
  • Flyer Title
  • Flyer Description
  • PDF file (all files MUST be in PDF format) of your flyer

Approved applications will be posted within three business days. PLEASE TRY TO PROVIDE AS MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE FOR REVIEW/POSTING.

Questions? Contact the Superintendent's office at (815) 929-5181 or leppertl@besd53.org.