Welcome! As our mission expresses, Bourbonnais Elementary School District #53 is committed to “Collaborate with staff, students, families, and community; Provide a safe learning environment with innovative instructional practices; and Inspire all students to reach their potential as globally conscious learners.” I understand that every day the future exists within our classrooms (whether that is in-person or virtually), and as educators, it is our job to unleash the future’s potential. Our work is about inspiring and equipping tomorrow’s inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists and leaders. If we do that job effectively, then in the future you will share the world with better employees, bigger thinkers, and more responsible neighbors and colleagues. At its heart, our primary job as educators is all about unlocking the potential in our students to become the best that they can be as adults. In order to accomplish our mission, I know that students should be and are at the center of every decision we make every day.

Together, we are working to make BESD #53 a great place for all students to learn, all teachers to teach, and all employees to work. All means all. We encourage you to get engaged in our school district and help us convert students' dreams into realities.

Educationally Yours,

Dr. Adam Ehrman, Superintendent

BS, MS, EdS, CSBO, & EdD