Grades 6-8 Social studies units


6th Grade - Links are provided to the learning targets for each unit. Students can earn a 4 by showing mastery of all targets.

7th Grade - Earn a 3 by showing proficiency of learning targets.  Earn a 4 by showing thorough understanding of the essential question.

8th Grade - All learning targets and essential questions are available through the websites of Mr. Outsen and Ms. Papanicholas 

Sixth GradeSeventh GradeEighth Grade
Unit 1Introduction to Geography
The world before the opening of the Atlantic
Americans Move West
Unit 2Early Humans and Civilization
The Empire in the Americas
The Industrial Age
Unit 3Mesopotamia
The English Colonies
Immigrants and Urban Life
Unit 4Egypt
The American Revolution
The Progressive Spirit of Reform
Unit 5India and China
Forming a Government
America as a World Power
Unit 6Greece
Citizenship and the Constitution
 (8th Grade)
World War I
Unit 7Rome
Launching the Nation
The Roaring Twenties
Unit 8The Middle Ages
The Jefferson Era
The Great Depression
Unit 9World Changes
A New National Identity
World War II & The Holocaust
Unit 10Revolution and World War
The Age of Jackson
Early Years of the Cold War
Unit 11Expanding West
The Civil Rights Movement
Unit 12The North
The Vietnam War Years
Unit 13The South
Modern America 1968 - Present
Unit 14
New Movements in AmericaFederal and State Consititutions
Unit 15A Divided Nation
Unit 16Civil War
Unit 17Reconstruction