Social Studies Units and Learning Targets (Objectives)

 6th Grade
 Links are provided to the learning targets for each unit. Students can earn a 
4 by showing mastery of all targets.  
 7th Grade
Earn a 3 by showing proficiency of learning targets.
Earn a 4 by showing thorough understanding of the essential question.
8th Grade 
All learning targets and essential questions are available through the
websites of Mr. Crawford and Mr. Outsen.
  Sixth GradeSeventh Grade Eighth grade
Unit 1 
Introduction to Geography
The world before the opening of the AtlanticAmericans Move West
 Unit 2
 Early Humans and Civilization 
The Empire in the Americas  The Industrial Age
 Unit 3 Mesopotamia The English Colonies
 Immigrants and
Urban Life
 Unit 4 EgyptThe American Revolution
 The Progressive Spirit
of Reform 
 Unit 5 India and China Forming a Government
 America as a World
 Unit 6 Greece
 Citizenship and the Constitution
(8th Grade) 
 World War I
 Unit 7 Rome Launching the Nation The Roaring Twenties
Unit 8  The Middle Ages The Jefferson Era
 The Great
Unit 9  World Changes A New National Identity
 World War II
& The Holocaust
 Unit 10
Revolutions andWorld War 
 The Age of Jackson
 Early Years of
the Cold War 
 Unit 11  Expanding West
 The Civil Rights
 Unit 12  The North
 The Vietnam
War Years 
Unit 13   The South
 Modern America
1968 - Present 
 Unit 14  New Movements in America
 Federal and State
 Unit 15  A Divided Nation 
 Unit 16  Civil War 
 Unit 17  Reconstruction 
Kindergarten1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade
Unit 1
1 Communities and Maps 1 Government 1 Government Social Studies Overview 1 Geography 
Unit 2 2 Johnny Appleseedpast/present2 Maps & Globes 2 Goods & Services 1A Government 2 Study Skills 
Unit 3 3 Columbus3 Columbus 3 Research 1B Politics
3 Early Peoples of Western Hemisphere 
Unit 4
 4 Pilgrims, Native Americans, First Americans, Thanksgiving4 Native Americans 4 Geography
1C EconomicsRation Card 4 Native Americans 
Unit 5  5 Holiday CustomsHoliday PPT5 Christmas Around the World 5 Customs & Folklore ElectionUnit 1Unit 2Non-Election Year Unit 5 Explorers 
Unit 6 6 Dr. Martin Luther KingJr.
6 Women and African Americans in History 6 Rain Forest Landform Overview 6 Early Settlements 
Unit 7 7 Presidents, Government positionsleadersGovernor 7 Presidents, Revolutionary and Civil War 7 Communities Region Unit 7 Thirteen Colonies
Unit 8 8 Pulaski 8 Pulaski  Holocaust & Number the Stars 8 French & Indian War 
Unit 9 9 Famous Females 9 Goods and Services Eleanor Roosevelt 9 Breaking Ties with Great Britain 
Unit 10 10 Earth's Features 10 Holocaust   10 American Revolution 
Unit 11 11 Careers    11 Constitution 
Unit 12 12 Constitution     
Unit 13      
Unit 14 PDF Resources Unit 1-10 Units 1-7 Units 1-8 Units 1-11