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This is the powerpoint that was presented at Liberty to the incoming 7th grade students the week of April 28-May 2. Click here to start


BUGC Announcements

  • Dear Parents:

     We currently have 21students registered for the Washington D.C. trip and it is a go!  I spoke with WorldStrides, the company we are using for the trip coordination, and they are allowing me to extend the registration through December 12, 2014.  After that, the trip must close so I can finalize all travel arrangements.

     All that is needed to register is a down payment of $99.00.  There are three easy ways to register: online at www.worldstrides.org using the Trip ID # 111396, by calling the WorldStrides Customer Service Team at 1-800-468-5899, or by mail, using the student invitation. If you need a new student invitation, please let me know.

     The holidays are a perfect opportunity to tell family and friends about the trip.  The “Gift of Education Letter” is a great way to help fund the trip.  The letter template is located at http://ws.educationaltravel.com/fundraising/goe.php

     If you have any questions regarding the trip, please contact me at (815) 929-5291.


     Daniel Chamernik

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  • Welcome to the 2014 IESA 7 - 4A Girls Basketball Regional 6 Tournament hosted by Bourbonnais Upper Grade Center.  Regional games will be played November 22, 24 and 25, 2014.  There are 5 teams assigned to this Regional.  Here is the updated bracket from the online seeding.


    Round 1

    Saturday, November 22nd      Bradley (4) vs. Manteno (5)  10:00am @ BUGC

    BYE – BUGC, Limestone, Kankakee


    Monday, November 24th        Bourbonnais Upper Grade (1) vs. winner of (4) vs (5) 4:15pm @ BUGC


    Monday, November 24th        Herscher Limestone (2) vs. Kankakee JHS (3)       6:00pm @ BUGC


    Tuesday, November 25th        Winners of Semi-Final Games 5:00pm @ BUGC



    Adults & High School Students:                                $4.00

    K-8 Students                                                               $2.00

    Senior Citizens (62+)                                                  $2.00


    IESA passes will be honored.

     The regional winner will advance to Sectional 3 hosted by Matteson Colin Powell on Wednesday, December 3th.  The Sectional game will begin at 6:30pm.


    We look forward to hosting the Regional Tournament and ask that all fans, players, and coaches show proper sportsmanship to all our teams and officials.


    Good Luck to All Teams!



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  • Congratulations to the BUGC students who earned Honor Roll recognition!  BUGC had almost 80% (79.8%) of the student body achieve Honor Roll status.  Below is how the Honor Roll system is determined at BUGC.  This information is also found on pages 3 and 4 in the BUGC handbook.

     Keep up the great work!

     Mr. Chamernik and Mrs. Magruder

    HONOR ROLL CATEGORIES The following honor roll categories have been established to recognize and honor students for outstanding achievement in all areas of their curricular program inclusive of academic subjects, elective subjects, supplementary program subjects, and physical education.  Honor roll is based on quarterly grade point average (GPA) not cumulative GPA.

     High Honors

    1.     Quarter Grade Point Average -- 3.75 - 4.00

    (To achieve "High Honors" requires grades of A - B in the five major academic subjects: Language Arts-English, Language Arts-Literature, Math, Science, Social Studies.)

    2.     No grades below "B" in:

    (a)   any elective subject,

    (b)   supplementary program subjects, or

    (c)   physical education.

     NOTE:  A student who has the GPA for "High Honors" but who earns a grade of "C" in any subject listed in 2a - 2d moves from "High Honors" to "Regular Honors".

    Regular Honors

    1.     Quarter Grade Point Average -- 3.40 - 3.74

    (No grades below "C" in any of the five major academic subjects)

    2.     No grades below "C" in:

    (a)   any elective subject,

    (b)   supplementary program subjects, or

    (c)   physical education.

     Honorable Mention Honors

    1.     Quarter Grade Point Average -- 3.00 - 3.39

    (No grades below "C" in any of the five major academic subjects)

    2.     No grades below "C" in:

    (a)   any elective subject,

    (b)   supplementary program subjects, or

    (d)   physical education.

    Grades of "D" or "F" in any academic subject, elective subject, supplementary program, or physical education disqualify a student for Honor Roll status for that quarter.  Any student with an "I" or incomplete grade cannot qualify for Honor Roll for that quarter unless the "I" grade is removed before Honor Roll is calculated.  "EX" or "excused" grades do not disqualify a student for Honor Roll status.  "NG" or "no grade" will be reviewed on an individual basis for determining Honor Roll status.  A student must be enrolled for a long enough period of time to earn grades in all subjects for which he/she is enrolled to qualify for the Honor Roll for that quarter. [Board Policy 7:35]

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  • BUGC Academic Expectations and Intervention Program


    The program establishes a minimum academic expectation for success, prescribed automatic intervention programs when the minimum expectation is not met, and provides an option with interventions throughout the summer if needed.


    All students must:


    Receive a passing grade in Mathematics, English / Language Arts (ELA) and pass two of the four remaining courses (seven classes) or:

    Receive a passing grade in Mathematics, English / Language Arts (ELA)  and pass two of five remaining courses (Zero Hour Students) or;

    Receive a passing grade in Mathematics, English / Language Arts (ELA) and pass one of the three remaining courses (6 classes plus study hall).  


    All eighth grades students must also pass the Constitution test.


    Students not meeting the minimum expectations will be referred to the BUGC intervention program as described below.


    Students who fail Mathematics, ELA (English / Language Arts) or both:

    • will be required to attend after school Math / ELA RtI or homework help three days a week. (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2:55 to 3:50.  Busing is provided.)
    • will be required to sign an academic contract after meeting with the teacher, student, parent, and Principal (or Associate) which describes at least three different ways the student can demonstrate successful growth in the subject during second semester.  These ways may include a passing letter grade, adequate growth on MAP, passing quarter or semester finals, or alternative assessments, such as a project, presentation, etc.
    • Failing the semester will be based upon the average of the two quarters letter grades (not percentiles).  Two F’s will be considered failing, one F and one D will be considered failing.  
    • Students who have failing grades for the semester and do not meet any of the other criteria for success in their academic contract, will be required to attend a six week summer school session (sixty hours for each subject) before they are deemed as successfully completing their grade level.  Promotion will be afforded only to 8th grade students who have successfully completed 8th grade at the end of the second semester.
    • Students who pass the first semester, and receive F’s at the end of the third quarter, will follow this same procedure at that point, with an academic contract, after-school, etc.
    • Students who pass the first three quarters but fail to pass the SEMESTER (can fail the fourth quarter and still pass if they have a C or better in the third quarter) will be deemed as not successfully completing the grade, will not attend promotion and will need to attend summer school.

    The after school Math / ELA RtI or homework help will begin on Monday, November 10th.  The after school Math / ELA RtI or homework help will not meet on November 11th (Veteran’s Day) and November 27th (Thanksgiving).

    In summary, academic and behavior expectations are separate entities.  Students with behavioral issues receive disciplinary consequences.  Students who have academic issues receive academic interventions.  The NEW BUGC Academic Expectations and Intervention Program are designed to help students achieve goals, prepare for their future and be successful.

    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Magruder at (815) 929-5292 or me at (815) 929-5291.

    Yours in Education,

    Mr. Chamernik

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  • If you are trying to connect to a wireless network at home or location other than school, you should receive the following login prompt when trying to go to any site:
    Authentication Required
    Just login using your username (without the @besd53.org) and your password.  Your chromebook should act at home the same way it would when you are in school.  If sites aren't available at school they shouldn't be available at home. 
    If you are at school and are connecting to the BESDmobile wireless you'll get this same message and will need to type in your username (without the @besd53.org) and password. 

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